Director – Crystal F. Montgomery-Kaler, ACP, of Missoula, Montana. Crystal is an Advanced Certified Paralegal with a law firm in Missoula and she specializes in medical malpractice, wrongful death, personal injury, and products liability.  She also has broad experience in complex litigation, electronic trial presentation, and electronic document management.

Paralegal Healthcare Writers & Editors Chair – Robin Elizabeth Margolis, of Washington, DC and New York City.  Robin is a paralegal with extensive experience in healthcare law, legislation, regulation, litigation and compliance issues. She is the founder of the Healthcare Paralegals Federation.

She has worked as the editor and one of the primary writers of a healthcare law newsletter, and is presently writing articles on healthcare, science, legal, and business issues.  Samples of her work can be seen at:


Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Chair –

Cystic Fibrosis Chair – Mary Maggio Fischer, of  Queens, New York.  Mary is working at a hospital in the Emergency Room as a Nurses’ Aide.  She completed an ABA-approved paralegal program at Queens College.  She works closely with local legislators and the Long Island Cystic Fibrosis Chapter for the benefit of all patients with cystic fibrosis.

Elder Law Chair – Helene Cohen, of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Asia. Helene is a paralegal with extensive experience in Elder Law, specializing in elder abuse, guardianship, elder mediation and all areas of litigation. She is seeking to expand her experience in this area on a national and international level as well.

She was involved in pro bono work for the elderly in her community, as well as when she lived abroad. She also serves as a cross-cultural trainer, which involves preparing families that are relocating for a period to live abroad.

Paralegal Educator Chair –Social Security Disability Law Co-Chair – Yanni Zack, of Los Angeles/Kern County, California.  Yanni is a trained paralegal/mediator with experience in Social Security Disability Advocacy and has an extensive background in Education, including teaching, coaching, supervising and mentoring students in K-12 and Graduate Degree Level Programs.

Social Security Disability Law Co-Chair – Lisa Wagman, Certified Paralegal,  of New Jersey, is the founder of Social Security Disability Benefit Consultants and an experienced healthcare litigation paralegal. Lisa is a disability advocate/representative who helps claimants throughout the country to win their disability claims before the Social Security Administration.  She has maintained a 99.5% success rate on all of her clients’ claims to date.

She also authors educational e-newsletters to help the public understand the ins and outs of the disability claims process and lectures to other paralegals in the area of Social Security Disability law.  She is a member of the National Association of Disability Representatives.

Student Paralegals Chair –

Training Chair –

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