Eventually, we plan to create a private job bank whose listings will go only to the Healthcare Paralegal Federation’s  members.  Legal recruitment organizations will be encouraged to take out paid advertising on our website.

At the present time we encourage free listings of  job openings and legal recruitment organizations at no cost to those placing the notices.  Do you know of a job opening that someone in our group might be interested in?  Please list it below in “Comments.”

If you do not see your comment right away, please do not worry.  The comments are moderated, and your comment should appear within 24 hours.  Please bear aware that any comments not referencing paralegals, a healthcare law field, or other aspects of the legal and healthcare professions will be removed by the moderator.


2 responses to “Jobs/Recruitment

  1. Virtual Paralegal Training Center

    The Virtual Paralegal Training Center (“VPTC”) provides training to virtual paralegals and virtual assistants with starting and operating their businesses. The membership benefits of joining VPTC includes but are not limited to a newsletter that is geared towards the virtual paralegal industry, virtual paralegal blog, virtual paralegal forums, job positing sites for virtual paralegals, eBook, The Ultimate Virtual Paralegal Guide, webinar, the virtual paralegal business, virtual paralegal news and alerts; and new trends in the virtual paralegal industry.

    The Virtual Paralegal Training Center

    (914) 738-1341

  2. I’m new to the paralegal field, but not to healthcare. I worked for 25 years in the clinical laboratory of which 15 was in middle management. I am familiar with medical terminology, employment issues, HIPAA confidentiality, CLIA 88, Medicare fraud and abuse, ICD 9 coding, many regulatory issues relating to healthcare, DOT/NIDA drug screen testing concerns (substitution/adulteration/tampering) and full chain of custody, legal blood/urine/salvia ETOH /drug/genetic collection procedures, as well as all documentation of quality control procedures, maintenance, and record-keeping that goes on in a lab and in hospitals, clinics, and physician’s offices.

    Available on the south side of Atlanta, GA or virtually on the internet.

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