The Healthcare Paralegals Federation (HPF) was founded by Robin Elizabeth Margolis in 2009.  Robin is currently our Paralegal Healthcare Writers & Editors Chair.

Robin noticed that while there were some healthcare law networks within a few regional paralegal associations, and two national nurse paralegal organizations, there did not appear to be a national “umbrella” organization for healthcare paralegals,  where healthcare paralegals from many diverse specializations might be able to connect with each other and learn about resources specifically applicable to them.

Purpose of HPF

HPF is intended to be an organization for healthcare paralegals, paralegals interested in learning more about healthcare law specializations, and legal professionals who are interested in the growth of paralegals in this field.

Membership in HPF

We welcome as primary members paralegals who currently working in a healthcare law field, as well as paralegals who want to learn more about healthcare law, and student paralegals who may wish to specialize in it.

We are also happy to welcome as primary members paralegals working within, or interested in, other paralegal organizations. We also welcome paralegal educators and paralegal consultants.

We welcome as associate members legal professionals who are not paralegals, but who are interested in assisting the growth of paralegals in the healthcare law  field.  Lawyers,  physicians, nurses, other medical professionals, vendors, legal recruiters, and other people involved in healthcare law are encouraged to contact us.

Membership Is Free At The Present Time

At the present time, membership is free. Later, as we grow larger, a reasonable dues structure will be set up.

If you join us, you will receive an email newsletter, and, as we grow, job bank mailings, and as many other benefits as we can create.

To join, please contact:


HPF Leadership Opportunities

HPF is committed to encouraging the emergence of paralegal leaders in the healthcare paralegal field.

For more information about projects, article-writing, and overall leadership opportunities in HPF for paralegals who are primary members,  please visit our “Leadership” page.

Whether you are a student paralegal just starting out on your career, or an experienced paralegal already working in healthcare law, there are many small and large projects and leadership opportunities at HPF.